Get Paid For Testing Games

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No Lie – I Make Over $1000 Per Week Testing Games

Testing Games

Getting Paid For Testing Games From Home..             It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This…

You heard me correctly – I make over $1000 per week testing games for companies that pay people like me – AND YOU – to play their games. If you enjoy playing video games* – then this is for you. Companies are looking for people who want to get paid to test games. I average about $1140 per week. Sometimes I make more, sometimes I make less. The most that I have made in one week is $1910. The lowest that I have made in one week is $935. As you can see – a very nice income. It is so simple to earn money testing video games*. I got a copy of “Become A Game Tester” – and the rest is history. Don’t settle for doing something that you’re not happy doing. If testing games would be something that you would enjoy doing (part time or full time) – then get your copy and make a change in your life. Don’t wait!

Testing Games Is All I do Now…

I ended up quitting my job so I could become a game tester. Testing games is something that you can do in your spare time. Or – you can do it full time. I love playing different kinds of games. It’s my most favorite thing to do. Imagine – getting paid for what you love to do. It’s almost like being a professional athlete. I put myself in the same category as professional football players, basketball players, baseball players, golfers, tennis players, etc…. They are people that get paid to do what they love to do —– PLAY.


If you want to test games for money – this is your chance. It is so simple to do. New video games* are being created every second. There are so many companies that need video game testers. Believe it or not – there ARE NOT a lot of people that are getting paid to test games. Why? Because they are not aware that they can make money from video game testing. There are so many video game testing jobs available, but not enough people to do the testing. If you want to get paid for testing games, now is your chance. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Go for it!!! And – have fun!

The Market For “Testing Games” Is Growing

Testing GamesThe need for testing games for different companies is growing everyday. Several years ago – a study was done to determine whether or not playing games had a negative impact on the mindsets of individuals. It turns out –  that playing video games* was NOT detrimental to people – or to society. In fact – the results of that study were quite the opposite. The study revealed that when people play video games* – they had more interaction with friends and family, they found comfort and relief in a world that is becoming more and more geared towards negativity, they challenged themselves to become better, their concentration improved, their level of self-motivation rose tremendously and they set higher goals for themselves. So – when the results of that study was discovered, more video game companies were formed and the creation of modern day video games* took off like a rocket.

There are new video games* being created at an unbelievable pace. There are not enough video game testers out there. Companies are hurting for game testers. That is why they are willing to pay people to test games. Over 500 million people spend at least an hour a day playing video games*. There are millions of people that play as many hours a week as a person who has a full time job. How many of those people do you think are testing video games*? How many of those people do you think are getting paid to test games? The answer – not enough!!! There are so many game tester jobs available that people are not aware of. How cool would it be to tell people that you test games for money? Well – that is exactly what you can do. If you want to find out about video game testing jobs that you can perform from the comfort of your own home – you need to check out “Become A Game Tester”. I can’t think of any other way that I want to make a living other than testing games.


Testing Games Can Be Done Part-Time Or Full-Time

Testing GamesCompanies are paying people for testing games. If you want to get paid to test games - then you need to check this out. There are high school students, college students and even people who have 40 hour a week jobs – who are making an income while playing video games*. Yes – there are people who get paid for testing video games*.

Testing video games* used to be something that was done by the employees of the companies responsible for creating the video games*. However – games are being created everyday at a record pace. These companies realized that it was more beneficial to them to “outsource” the video game testing. Outsourcing means having someone else to complete  certain assignments. They are looking for people like you and me (people that love to play video games*). And – they are willing to pay us to do it.

Getting paid to test games. Isn’t that awesome?!! Video game testers make great money. How much money a person can make? It is up to that person. Part-time game testers can easily make at least $400 per week. There are full-time game testers that make over $2000 per week. You should give it a try. Testing games for a living? Sounds pretty cool – doesn’t it? Don’t wait. Be one of those that get paid to test games. GET PAID TO PLAY!!!!